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Maconomy ERP services


TRL Hungary Ltd. can offer feasible solutions for your Deltek Maconomy ERP system.

Our consultants can overcome challenges and support your implementation, upgrade, development, customization, integration, reporting and statutory compliance projects.

Practical and proven solutions

Global experience

Holisctic approach

Maconomy ERP consulting

Maconomy services


TRL Hungary provides Maconomy ERP implementation services using Deltek PEAK methodology to ensure a successful project.

Our expert ERP services team’s goal is to meet the needs of your business effectively and efficiently.

20 years of experience

Focusing on ROI

Using Deltek PEAK method

Maconomy ERP implementation

Maconomy ERP services


Our tasks usually include evaluating current state of the used Maconomy version, collecting requirements and defining desired end state.

After listing customizations, third party software and any other solutions our experts perform the Maconomy upgrade, including testing and training. 

Evaluating and planning

From visioning to go-live support

Optimizing processes and systems

Maconomy ERP upgrade

Maconomy services


TRL Hungary provides small scale and complex Maconomy ERP development services.

Our major developments include Maconomy Media Module (integrated media management solution), Maconomy HelpDesk (issue tracker) and Maconomy SmartShop (shop module).

Deltek qualified team

From simple to complex solutions

20 years of experience

Maconomy ERP development

Maconomy ERP services


We offer customization services for your deployed Maconomy ERP system, regardless of the version or the size of the job.

Our developers are fully qualified by Deltek Inc., with decades of ERP services experience and deep understanding of client needs.

For any Maconomy version

Quick and cost effective

Competent IT team

ERP customisation

Maconomy services

Project management

TRL Hungary Ltd. can manage complex multinational Maconomy ERP projects.

Our tasks include project planning, identifying goals and reporting requirements, ERP data conversion plans, issue logging and resolution, project and performance monitoring.

Understanding the entire process

Practical approach

Experienced ERP project managers

ERP project management

Maconomy ERP services


Our developers can provide interfaces to virtually any external systems using RESTful API.

Integrations developed by us include custom internal systems, bank interfaces, webshop integration and interfaces, local accounting solution interfaces, Electronic Data Interchange for Warehouse Management Systems and more.

Deep understanding of Maconomy tables

Precise and cost effective solutions

Deltek qualified integration experts

Maconomy ERP integration

Maconomy services


TRL Hungary Ltd. offers comprehensive Maconomy reporting services.

Our experts can build new and modify existing Maconomy Analyzer reports; install, set up and customize Business Objects, create or modify BO universes and reports; design and build data warehouses; plan, install and schedule database transformations (full cycle ETL); work with RGL (legacy Maconomy technology).

From RGL to the latest BO reports

Widespread experience with various systems

Flexible and affordable services

Maconomy ERP reporting

Maconomy ERP services

Statutory compliance

Among other ERP services we offer statutory compliance for Maconomy users in Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia and Finland.

TRL Hungary Ltd. is your partner in localization services, compliance monitoring, consulting and more.

Deltek regional partner

Continous service since 2000

Tailor made solutions and fees

Maconomy ERP statutory compliance


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