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TRL Hungary Ltd. – Budapest, Hungary

Who are we?

TRL Hungary Ltd. is the regional Deltek Maconomy partner in Hungary and Central Europe since 2000.
We provide comprehensive support services to our Maconomy clients worldwide.
Our consultants and developers have extensive experience with various tpyes of professional services organisations globally.
TRL Hungary Ltd. acquired significant knowledge regarding the processes and challenges of project and client focused enterprises.

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Deltek Maconomy support

What Deltek Maconomy support services do we offer?

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Maconomy ERP implementation


Maconomy ERP upgrade


Maconomy ERP development


Maconomy ERP customization


Maconomy ERP project management

Project management

Maconomy ERP integration services


Maconomy ERP reporting


Maconomy ERP statutory compliance

Statutory compliance

Who we work for?

Our clients include a wide variety of Professional Services Organizations, marketing and communications agencies, engineering firms, tax and audit companies, IT developers and solution providers, consulting companies.

Most of our customers are well known multinational companies or dynamic domestic firms.

TRL Hungaty Ltd. provides continuous Deltek Maconomy support services to its clients since 2000.

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Why choose TRL Hungary Ltd.?

What do we offer to our partners?

  • TRL Hungary Ltd. is specialized in providing Deltek Maconomy support services
  • We offer full scale Maconomy support solutions
  • More than 100 satisfied clients use our services daily
  • Our team has have 20+ years of experience with Deltek Maconomy
  • We have global reach and experience
  • Our team includes consultants, developers and Business Objects (BO) experts
  • We offer cost effective and reliable Deltek Maconomy support services
  • TRL Hungary Ltd. is fully qualified and licensed by Deltek. Inc.

Csaba Trenger, CEO

Maconomy ERP support - Csaba Trenger CEO

Some of our clients

Deltek Maconomy clients

The team of TRL Hungary Ltd. was a tremendous help, they knew the specifics of the services industry and the marketing communications agencies as well.

We did not have to teach them the operations of our group, nor explaining the differences between our processes and a production enterprise’s.

Katalin Winkler


I wanted to thank all of you for your Deltek Maconomy support services, patience and professionalism. You made my life better and definitely saved me on a few occasions.

I enjoyed communicating with you all and could not have asked for a better support team.

Francis Labit

Financial Analyst, Avenir Global

Deltek Maconomy ERP solution

About the Deltek Maconomy ERP system

Maconomy is an Enterprise Resource Planning system designed for the specific needs of the Professional Services Organisations and project based companies.

Maconomy provides an ideal solution for the following organisations:

  • Marketing & Communications agencies
  • IT developers and solution providers
  • Consulting companies
  • Engineering firms
  • Tax&Audit companies
  • Legal firms
  • R&D&I organisations

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